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Padi Open Water Referral Course

The Padi Open Water Referral course is offered when you complete the first half of your course at home..
With a "Referral" you complete only your final "checkout dives"in St Kitts.

This gives you more time to enjoy your vacation

We are professional dive educators. Auston has been teaching for over 25 years and Terry, our lead Instructor, has over 2,000 registered students with Padi.

  • Academics and Pool Session completed at home.
  • Our course fee includes all gear needed for the course.
  • No extras. We even include your certification fee.
  • 2 half days only required when you are on island.
  • Small training groups only (Private Course is available).
  • Places are always limited. Please plan ahead and book your course well in advance.

Course Content

  • 4 boat dives over 2 days.
  • We have an information sheet available. Please ask us.

More Detail

Open Water Dives - 4 ocean dives from our boat over 2 days. We usually start around 8.15am and finish by 2pm. Dive time is limited by your air consumption. The average student dives for around 35 to 45 mins on each dive. You spend a small part of each dive demonstrating your mastery of the new skills you learned in the pool.

Dive Tables - We teach our courses using both Dive Tables and a dive computer. At the end of 2 days you will have a good working knowledge of both.


Paperwork - We always ask that copies be emailed to us prior to your arrival on island.

Padi Standards dictate that the course cannot actually start unless we have the correct paperwork.

What you need to bring

  • A copy of your original medical form you signed at the start of your course.
  • A copy of your Doctor's sign off if you needed one.
  • A copy of your eLearning certificate if you used eLearning.
  • The Padi logbook issued to you by your first instructor.
  • The sign off for the academics and pool from your first instructor. (This should be in your blue Padi logbook).

Performance Based Learning

Timing- The course moves at your pace, at Open Water we practice the easy skills first before moving on to more complex ones. If you need more time than what we allow, then extra time will be made available for you (at an additional cost). Not every student completes the open water sections of the course in 2 half days.

Standards - We do not expect perfection from a new diver. However we do expect you to be able to complete each skill safely (most skills are safety related). We use words like "Comfortable", "Repeatable", "Maintaining Bouyancy" to describe what we expect from you."
Please note that there is no pool time included in this course. You should be completely happy with the pool skills prior to coming to us.

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