Ocean Safety Diver Course

Gain valuable Ocean Diving experience.

An opportunity for new divers to discover what it takes to dive safely in the Ocean.

Diving St Kitts Ocean Safety

Course Details

The Padi Ocean Safety Diver Specialty Course is for divers who have minimum ocean diving experience and wish to enhance their safety while ocean diving.
  • This course is exclusive to Pro Divers and has been developed to assist newly qualified divers in becoming more comfortable with ocean diving.
  • If you qualified inland, diving in a lake or quarry (as many divers do) that "first time in the real sea" can seem quite a daunting prospect.
  • Even if you qualified in the ocean, this course will take your safety awareness and comfort level to the next stage and give you an opportunity to dive using a dive computer.
  • We refresh the safety you studied during the Open Water course and take your knowledge of ocean safety to a new level.
  • You can enjoy 2 full ocean dives with our Instructor while learning new safety skills and using essential ocean safety equipment.

We cover all the important aspects of ocean safety:

  • Boat procedures and etiquette
  • Weighting for salt water
  • Currents / Waves / Wind and how they affect diving
  • Dive site evaluation and planning your dive
  • Caring for gear and personal effects
  • Safety sausage deployment
  • Surface signalling devices
  • Underwater signalling devices
  • Marine life considerations
  • Using a dive computer
  • Plus lots more that regular ocean divers "take for granted" because they learned it all from experience.

This course also qualifies as one of your elective adventure dives towards Advanced Open Water Diver and towards your Master Scuba Diver rating.

More Information

  • As a minimum you need to be a Padi Open Water Diver (or equivalent from another agency) to undertake this course. Junior divers are also welcome.
  • We will e-mail you the course materials and ask that you spend an hour or so studying these.
  • A short (30 - 40 minutes) study and briefing session will start the course.
  • The main training is done on the boat and on the surface after our dives. We learn by "doing and diving" during this course.
  • Dive times on the course will be limited by your air consumption or your no decompression time (calculated by your dive computer).
  • There is a medical requirement for all Padi Courses. Download the form here.

Personal safety gear you will be using for this course.

  • Whistles and other surface audible signalling devices
  • Underwater noisemakers
  • Reflective mirror for surface use
  • Safety Sausage
  • Strobe light
  • Dive Computer

You will use and experience many examples of safety gear during the course and everything you need to hire for the course is included in our course rate.

Our rates include 2 full ocean dives, all tuition, Padi certification fee, study notes, hire of all required dive gear (inc wet suit and dive computer) and transportation to and from the Frigate Bay area or the cruise ship pier.

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