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Divers always request to go to our best dive site. That is a tough request simply because everyone has their own criteria. The important part is deciding on the criteria. For many, it is a combination of great marine life and consistently favorable conditions, such as good visibility and no currents. If all of these requirements are met then you will be relaxed and able to fully enjoy the underwater world.
Some of our favorite sites are those that have been frequented the least. After over thirty years of diving, Auston still enjoys every dive.

We, at Pro Divers, understand that divers of different skill levels regard good diving in different ways. So, in addition to our excellent regular dive sites, we have also amassed some even less frequented St Kitts dive sites for the more adventurous or experienced diver.

Dive Details

Our dives are normally led personally by Auston, our owner, who has been diving in St Kitts and Nevis since 1981.
Auston loves to dive and really enjoys introducing our guests to the excellent scuba diving in St Kitts and Nevis.

Experienced divers, in buddy pairs, are NOT required to maintain the depth of the group and the dive does NOT end when the first diver reaches 500 PSI (40 bar).
Dive times are determined by safe bottom time limits and air consumption.
We will NEVER say "back to the boat in 45 minutes". We take our guests diving because we enjoy diving ourselves.

We turn the dive when the first diver reaches 1,000 PSI (70 bar) and return under the boat. This allows divers who who have reached 500 PSI (40 bar), to safely ascend.
The dive tour will then continue on another part of the site.
One of our instructors will stay in the water until the last diver reaches 500 PSI and ascends to the boat.

Our usual dive plan is (max) 60 minutes bottom time followed by a minimum of 60 minutes surface interval, then (max) 60 minutes bottom time for the second dive

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For your safety, we require every diver to complete a 3 minute safety stop.
We respect your experience. We will allow you and your buddy plenty of opportunity to enjoy your St Kitts scuba diving adventure.

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