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We are located only 3 minutes walk from the cruise ship dock.

Welcome Cruise Passengers to the only Padi 5 Star Dive Resort in St Kitts

Here at Pro Divers St Kitts we always have a warm welcome for our fellow divers arriving by cruise ship.
We do not take bulk bookings from the cruise operators so we can welcome both Qualified Divers and Discover Scuba Divers to a more refined and relaxed dive experience.

After a pause during Covid we are back to the "new normal" and are now open for bookings

We are located only 3 minutes walk from the cruise ship dock.

  • We will collect you personally from the Port Zante dock.(Usually 08.30 local time, but we will confirm when you book)
  • We normally dive mornings (usually 09.30 to 1pm) so plenty of leisure time before returning to your ship.
  • If your ship arrives later than this, contact us. We may still be able to offer you diving.
  • A passenger may accompany you on your dive (subject to space available).
  • Our rates include everything you need, no extras for wetsuits or other gear.
  • We offer a less crowded, more personal dive experience.
  • Compare our rates - we offer you far better value than the cruise companies.

Rates and how to book for Qualified Divers and Discover Scuba

Qualified Divers
  • 2 tank dive (using own gear) US$110 (+tax)
  • 2 tank dive (using our gear) US$125 (+tax)

More Details:

  • We do not require a deposit at this time.
  • Full rate details and what is included is on our rates page.
  • For more details on your diving check out our FAQ page.
  • Please read our diving rules.
  • C Card (or equivalent) must be shown before diving.

We can also offer you dive training or a private Instructor.

Discover Scuba Divers
  • First dive (all included) US$ 150.00 (+tax)
  • Second dive (optional) US$ 30.00 (+tax)

More Details:

  • The minimum charge for Discover Scuba is US$150.
  • The second dive is optional and is only paid for if taken.
  • There is a medical requirement for Discover Scuba.
  • You need to be a competent ocean snorkeler/swimmer (you will be in the open ocean).
  • Please download the details here.

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Our Meeting Point in St Kitts
Diving from your cruise ship
How to get to the meeting point.
  • Please ignore any meeting points located BEFORE security.
  • Walk through the arrivals hall and pass through the security check.
  • Go out into the square and look for the giant St Kitts sign.
  • We will be waiting for you on the left side of the sign.

A note on Daylight Saving Time:

St Kitts, like most other Caribbean islands does not observe DST.
This means that during November to March "Local Time" may be one hour ahead of your ship's time.
Please check this as all our times will be quoted as "Local".

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