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Padi Advanced Open Water Diver Course

The Padi Advanced Open Water course is the second step after you have earned the basic OW qualification.
To earn your Advanced Certification you will undergo academic study and 5 boat dives.
This course can be taken anytime after your Open Water.
We are professional dive educators. Auston has been teaching for over 25 years and Terry, our lead Instructor, has over 2,000 registered students with Padi.

  • Padi eLearning is used for this course.
  • Our course fee includes all gear needed for the course.
  • Open Water Qualification required. This does not need to be "Padi", other agencies are acceptable.
  • 3 half days required when you are on island.
  • Small training groups only (Private Course is available).
  • Places are always limited. Please plan ahead and book your course well in "advance".

Course Content

  • Academic Study - completed on-line in your own time prior to arriving on island.
  • Review of eLearning.
  • 5 boat dives over 3 days, (8.15am to 1.45pm) (6th dive optional on last day).
  • Your choice on the 3 optional dives.
  • We have an information sheet available. Please ask us.

More Detail

Academic Study - This will take you around 5 hours or so, completed using our eLearning classroom. You will also have access to the Padi Advanced Open Water Manual on-line in the future. Your fee for this is payable to Padi, You sign up through us and we give a reduced price from our regular rate.

Study Review - With our Instructor. A chance to discuss anything you are unsure of and cover the standards for the dives you will be doing.

Open Water Dives - 5 ocean dives from our boat over 3 days. We usually start around 8.15am and finish by 2pm. Dive time is limited by your air consumption. The average student dives for around 35 to 45 mins on each dive. You spend a small part of each dive demonstrating your mastery of the new skills you will learn on this course.

Every dive is linked together during this course. The dive planning you complete for the early dives will be much more detailed as a dive and air plan when we get to the deep diving stage. Likewise, Navigation will usually be completed on dive 2, that gives you a chance to practice Navigation on the last 3 dives.
The Deep dive we will plan together for NDL, AIR and redundant air supply. Usually this will be the last dive of the course.

Dive Tables - We teach our courses using a dive computer. At the end of 3 days you will have a extensive working knowledge of dive computers.

What you need to know

  • Minimum age 12 yrs.
  • You need to be "comfortable" with all your basic dive skills.
  • You need to be ready to take the next step in your training.
  • You need an average level of fitness and good health.
  • This course qualifies you to 100 ft (30m) and you will plan and execute a dive to this depth during training.

Performance Based Learning

Timing- The course moves at your pace. The purpose is to build upon the skills you bring from Open Water, improve those skills and introduce you to different types of diving.

Standards - This is an "experience" course. The intention is to improve your dive skills and make you a better and safer diver. We have plenty of time to work on and improve any of your problem areas.

Choice of Dives

A "Deep (100 ft 30 m)" is compulsory as is the Navigation dive. The other 3 dives you can choose from:

  • Peak Performance Bouyancy.
  • Wreck.
  • Project Aware Fish ID.
  • Project Aware Underwater Naturalist.
  • Project Aware Shark Awareness.
  • Intro to underwater Video / Photos (Bring your own Camera).
  • Boat Diving.
  • Search and Recovery.
  • SMB Deployment.
  • Ocean Safety Diver.

Once we have made contact and discussed your dive experience we can look at your choices and make a recommendation as to the best dives for you.

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