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Padi Shark Conservation and Awareness Diver Course

The Padi Shark Conservation and Awareness course is a new "Project Aware" course.
It gives you an opportunity to study and dive with 2 species of these beautiful marine animals.
The Caribbean Grey Reef Shark is common here and is easy to find. The Nurse Shark however is somewhat more difficult to find, hence there is good reason why this sedentary shark is known as the "Couch Potato" of the dive world.

  • Study manual will be emailed to you.
  • Our course fee includes all gear needed for the course.
  • 2 dives on a regular dive day.
  • Padi specialty course, counts towards AOW and MSD.
  • Small training groups only (Private Course is available).
  • Places are always limited. Please plan ahead and book your course well in advance.

Course Content

  • Study Manual - completed in your own time prior to arrival.
  • Briefing session.
  • 2 boat dives.
  • We have an information sheet available. Please ask us.

More Detail

Study Manual - This will take around you 2 hours or so and we will email this to you. This covers the endangerment of sharks worldwide and current conservation status.

Open Water Dives - 2 boat dives in 1 day. We usually start around 8.15am and finish by 2pm. Dive time is limited by your normal air consumption and your NDL. We will be looking for and finding sharks on these dives.

Dive computer - We use a dive computer during this course.

What you need to know

  • Mimimum of Open Water certification required. (Does not need to be "Padi").
  • Bring your camera, this is a wonderful photo opportunity.
  • Remember, you just have to swim faster than your buddy.

Study Aims

  • Sharks are in peril.....Why should we care?
  • The importance of sharks to the marine ecosystem.
  • Managing threats and recognising the value of sharks.
  • Overfishing, fisheries management and shark finning.
  • You can enjoy 2 full ocean dives with our Instructor and sharks while learning to help preserve our shark populations.

Standards - This is an "experience" course. You can enjoy 2 full ocean dives with our Instructor and our sharks while learning to help preserve shark populations.

 5 star