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Booking questions and questions about the boat.

Where are you located and where do we board the dive boat?
From 2018 we are located in the Marina at Port Zante.

What paperwork will i need to complete?
You will need to complete a Liability Release and a Medical Statement.

Do you provide transportation?
We provide complementary pick up and drop off from your hotel in the Frigate Bay area or we will meet you from your cruise ship.

Do you collect divers from Nevis?
No we do not, we recommend that you use the local Nevis operator.

Can we pay by Credit Card
We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express subject to a small bank service charge.

Are your rates really all inclusive?
Yes, the prices are on our rates page. There are no hidden extras.

Do you sell drinks or snacks on the boat?
No, but we do provide complementary iced, bottled water. Please feel free to bring your own snacks.

Is the boat shaded?
Yes the seating area is completely shaded, there is also ample open area at the bows.

Are there restrooms on the boat?
No, but we do have restrooms at the Marina.

How difficult is it to get on and off the boat?
The boat has a flat deck so at the wharf you step straight onto the deck.
When diving we do a "giant stride" to enter the water. 2 sets of ladders allow an easy climb back onto the boat.

What safety equipment do you carry onboard?
The boat has a first aid kit and oxygen onboard.

Where do I put my dry gear?
There is ample dry stowage on the boat.

What time does the boat leave?
For our regular morning 2 tank dives the boat departs at 9:30 am and returns around 1.30 pm. Pick up times are normally 8:45 am from the cruise port and Frigate Bay. (Training students may have different pick up times).

Where do I wash my gear?
We have rinse facilities at the marina. If you are diving on multiple days, we will take care of the gear for you..

What about my camera?
We provide a fresh water rinse bucket for cameras.

Diving Questions.

How long does it take to get to the dive sites?
Virtually all our sites are within 10 to 30 minutes of our dock

What are the water temperatures?
In summer we enjoy sea temperatures as high as 86° F, In winter the sea rarely drops below 79° F. A 3mm shorty suit is suitable for most divers all year round. Summer seas are warm enough to dive in swimwear only. Some divers may prefer to use a 3mm full suit during the winter months.

What is the visibility like?
Obviously this differs from day to day (and site to site) due to many factors. But we normally enjoy visibility in the 60 to 80 feet range all year round .

Will I be diving in a strong current or large waves?
It is very rare for us to experience any current at all. Waves are generally slight.

What depths do you dive at?
The majority of our sites are multi level, giving us a choice of depths. Details of the depths of each site are listed on our dive sites page.

Do you provide a descent Line?
Yes we do, this is particularly important when we attach to mooring buoys as the buoy lines are covered in barnacles and not suitable for use as a descent line.

Are your dives led by a guide?
Yes, all our dives are led by an experienced Padi Instructor (Usually by Auston himself). We do try however to allow buddy pairs as much freedom as possible during the dive.

Can I leave the guide and dive alone?
We ask that you maintain visual contact with the guide at all times. This is for your safety. As we normally enjoy visibility in excess of 60ft this does actually allow you and your buddy a great deal of room to plan your own dive profile and choose your own depth within the limits of your qualification.

What about decompression dives?
We do not undertake deco diving. We will provide you with a computer so you can maximize your bottom time without requiring decompression stops. We do however require you to make a safety stop of at least 3 min's at 15ft after every dive.

How long does a dive last?
This depends on two factors, bottom time and air consumption.
You get the maximum bottom time for a "no decompression" dive because that is calculated by the dive computer we provide. We also ask that for safety reasons you are back on the boat with 500 PSI in your tank.
Within the above limits, actual dive time differs for each buddy pair. The important thing to note is that the dive for the group does not end when the first diver has to return to the boat. This means that experienced divers will be able to enjoy longer dive times.

Can I wear gloves?
If you need gloves because your hands get cold when diving, then the answer is yes. Please do not however handle any marine life or touch any coral.

What mix of divers do you get on the boat?
This question is often asked by experienced divers who do not want to do 2 dives to 40 ft because there are trainee divers on the boat.
We have some excellent dive sites at shallower depths which means that our shallower dives will always be on interesting dive sites and remember we allow maximum dive times on all our dives.
When necessary we will have 2 instructors on the boat, one will lead the experienced divers, while the other instructor will lead the less experienced.

Do you take Junior Divers?
Yes, we are more than happy both to train juniors and to take juniors diving. Please note that we strictly follow PADI standards for divers 10 - 11 yrs old and 12 - 16 yrs old. Contact us for more information

Multiple dive day packages.

Can you store my gear?
Yes, we have ample room in our dive store. Leave your gear when you have finished diving for the day and we will wash it off for you and store it safely.

Do my dive days need to be taken consecutively?
No they do not, providing you book and pay for your package at one time you may take your dive days over a 2 week period.

And the question we had to answer.

Can SCUBA divers fart at depths??
Farting is possible while scuba diving but not advisable because: 1. Diving wetsuits are very expensive and the explosive force of underwater fart will rip a hole in your wetsuit. 2. An underwater fart will shoot you up to the surface like a missile which can cause decompression sickness. 3. The acoustic wave of the underwater fart explosion can disorient your fellow divers. 4. The massive underwater fart explosion attracts sharks trying to find out who did that. 5. We charge you extra for replacing the wetsuit!

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