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Please observe the following rules when you are scuba diving in St Kitts

We don't have a lot of "rules". We want you to enjoy your time with us and these "best practice" rules are for your safety and the comfort of others.

  • Please bring your Certification Card or Log Book with you.
  • You will be asked to complete a "Liability Release".
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are medically fit for diving. You may be asked to complete a Medical Statement.
  • Juniors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult ON THE BOAT (Liability releases will need to be countersigned by an appropriate adult for any diver under 18).
  • Please be ON TIME for your pickup. It is unfair on others to keep them waiting.
  • Ensure you use our dry stowage for valuables.
  • We cannot accommodate large "suitcase type" gear bags in dry stowage. There is room on the boat but they may be subject to sea spray.
  • No footwear (except dive boots) are allowed to be worn aboard the boat.
  • No smoking on the boat please.
  • No alcohol on the boat please.
  • You will be given a full personal briefing prior to all dives. Please ensure you understand fully the specific guidelines that apply to you.
  • A Medical Statement.and a Liability release needs to be completed for all courses.
  • Please follow the Instructor's directions and dive briefing.
  • If you require assistance, please ask. That is what we are there for!
  • We use the buddy system - always dive with your buddy.
  • Solo diving is only allowed with an appropriate Solo Diving qualification and safety equipment.
  • Please maintain visual contact with the dive leader throughout the dive.
  • If you are separated from the group AND your buddy, do a normal ascent (with a safety stop) and end your dive.
  • We ask you to make a safety stop after every dive - 3 minutes at 15 feet (5m). Make this longer if you wish.
  • Deco diving is not allowed.
  • For safety, we ask that you start your ascent with 500 psi (40 bar) in your cylinder.
  • Ascend at a rate no faster than 30 feet (10m) a minute.
  • Please do not touch any marine life or coral during your dive. Be particularly careful not to kick coral with your fins.
  • Sunscreens (unless they are "reef safe") cause damage to the coral. Please limit your use when diving. Our boat has plenty of shade.
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