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Padi ReActivate Course

The Padi ReActivate course is the successor to the old "Scuba Review course".
If you have been out of the water for some time, this course refreshes your skills and your knowledge.
Course is open to divers from all agencies. Padi Divers will also receive a new "C" card for your highest qualification with your reactivation date on the card.

We are professional dive educators. Auston has been teaching for over 25 years and Terry, our lead Instructor, has over 2,000 registered students with Padi.

  • Padi eLearning is used for this course.
  • Our course fee includes all gear needed for the course.
  • Offered for both Padi divers and divers qualified from other agencies.
  • 1 half day for diving plus a classroom session.
  • Small training groups only (Private Course is available).
  • Places are always limited. Please plan ahead and book your course well in advance.

Course Content

  • Academic Study - completed on-line in your own time prior to arriving on island.
  • Review of eLearning.
  • Planning Session.
  • 2 boat dives.
  • We have an information sheet available. Please ask us.

More Detail

Academic Study - This will take around you 4 hours or so, completed using our eLearning classroom. You will also have access to the Padi Open Water Manual on-line in the future. Your fee for this is payable to Padi. You sign up through us and we can then monitor your progress.

Study Review - Review questions for you to answer and a chance to discuss anything you are not quite sure of with our Instructor.

Planning Session - This course is tailored to your requirements.

Open Water Dives - 2 boat dives in 1 day. We usually start around 8.15am and finish by 2pm. Dive time is limited by your air consumption. The average student dives for around 35 to 45 mins on each dive. You spend a small part of each dive demonstrating your mastery of the skills you refreshed in the pool.

Dive Tables - We teach our courses using a dive computer (or bring your own). If you prefer we can use dive tables, or both.

What you need to know

  • Open Water or higher certification required (from any agency).
  • You help to plan the course, we can cover any dive topic that is important to you.
  • Plenty of time to actually dive, we complete 2 regular dives from our boat.
  • A new C Card is included in the course price.
  • Divers from other agencies will receive a Padi "ReActivate" card.

Performance Based Learning

Timing- The course moves at your pace. The purpose is to refresh your skills and to get you ready to dive safely in Open Water.

Standards - Just like the Open Water course, except you will have done it all before. Our aim is to get you "comfortable" again.

 5 star